dsc05138P1040107Désormais, nous achetons ce que nous voulons savoir. 





obj_whatweknow4obj_whatweknow6What we know (Connaissances), série, couverture de livre, 2011-


La série « Connaissances » met en avant les caractéristiques de notre corporalité humaine, présentées ici sous forme de couvertures de livres.



The space of vision is one from which you, the viewer, are excluded, a space where things are but you are not.(…) I have suggested that the eyes and ears should not be understood as separate keyboards for the registration of sensation but as organs of the body as a whole, in whose movement, within an environment, the activity of perception consists. ‘My body’, as Merleau-Ponty puts it, is not a collection of adjacent organs but a synergic system, all the functions of which are exercised and linked together in the general action of being in the world.     

Tim Ingold, the perception of environnement