Ladies and Gentleman,


We are delighted to have an opportunity to present our group, IASLD (International Association of Social Leisure Development). Collaborating with similar industries such as sports, food services, tourism, and other cultural associations, we are constantly in search of new concepts of leisure to bring to you. Our head office is located in Paris, and we’re open to all international participants and organizations who are willing to join our diligent and enthusiastic efforts towards Leisure development.

In the past year we’ve been focusing on projects such as ‘Shopping’, ‘Badminton on top of buildings’ and ‘diving boy,’ which yielded remarkable success and outstanding audience support.

‘Diving boy’ was held in the very last moment of a chilly winter. After having publicized this extreme event through our website, we encouraged all international citizens to come and enjoy the launch of an experienced diver who first contacted us to accomplish his adventurous challenge on the top of city’s tallest building.

The main building, fitted with two newly installed diving boards, was surrounded by two giant outdoor pools and three of the city’s large scale high-rises, the owners of which generously opened their rooftop spaces to spectators seeking different viewing angles. The audience was able to reserve their preferred place via email prior to the event.

We also hired a top-notch camera crew, whose advanced recording system allowed us to broadcast the event to a world-wide audience. In a screen room on top of the main building, we invited our international jury, who simultaneously analyzed the diver’s posture and form.

Today we are here to present our ambitious new project in the restaurant industry.
Situated in the center of Paris, our upscale restaurant is now ready to greet you with an exclusive menu catered towards optimizing your relaxation time. Monumental marble fountain will give you the calming illusion that you’re in the midst of nature, near a great waterfall.
Reservation for the Grand Opening Day is available by email or via comments on our website. To celebrate this new leisure project, we’ll be providing the entirety of our menu free of charge and will accept pre-orders.

To aid your understanding, we have sent reference material as well as records of former projects. We’re hoping to see all of you very soon, under the balmy summer sky.


Thank you



Best Regards,
President of group IASLD



presentation letter_versionNew
Lettre de présentation de l’association IASLD pour son deuxième projet Our fancy restaurant, mise en ligne. 2014





Our Fancy Restaurant, Leisure VI, Peinture interactive par une annonce mise en ligne, 60x94cm,, 2014


« Our fancy restaurant » est la seconde peinture répondant au même processus, visant à accueillir des clients dans un restaurant parisien, pour célébrer son ouverture, son « Opening day ». Ces deux tableaux représentant les participants de ces spectacles virtuels nous incitent à repenser l’enjeu initial de la manière dont on se réunit et comment on passe le temps, que l’on consacre actuellement à nos loisirs, comme l’indique le titre même de la série : « Leisure ».